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About Me

"Freya first picked up her crayons at around two years old and hasn't looked back. With a natural ability to create in various mediums she continues to develop her skills and understanding of art.

Freya continues to test herself with developing her understanding and awareness of different subjects from landscapes, portraits and animals. Her work is primarily representational rather than other styles. Watching her work you will see her alternate between brushes and her fingertips with a natural and fluid motion as she seeks to gain the effect she desires.

Her first piece of work was sold when just 14 having exhibited at a local exhibition, the following year Freya was awarded the trophy for best exhibit. 

Freya has taken a number of commissions involving the production of pieces from photographs where she has demonstrated an ability to recreate and enhance the subject through her chosen medium."

Take a browse through the gallery to see her work.

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